Digital Broadcasting and Frequency Planning

What is digital broadcasting?


Developments related to digital broadcasting have been followed closely by the Supreme Council because of the extensive deployment of the digital technologies in audiovisual sector. Considering the integration with Europe in broadcasting systems, broadcasting quality of this new technology and economic solutions, Supreme Council has decided to prepare Turkish Radio and Television Digital Frequency Plans for switch-over.

To this end, the Commission for Radio and Television Digital Frequency Planning has been composed with a protocol by Bilkent University in 1998 and started to work.

This commission submitted the followings to Supreme Council;

- Turkish Terrestrial Digital TV Frequency Plan with 6 volumes in 12 June 2000.

- Turkish Terrestrial Digital Radio Frequency Plan with 3 volumes in 27 November 2000.


Analog and Digital Radio and TV Frequency Plans were transferred to Telecommunication Authority by Law No. 4756 dated 15 May 2002, amending the Law No. 3984.


In parallel to the mentioned works, Digital Broadcasting Concept prepared as a result of the meetings with the related institutions in framework of related Prime Ministry Directive has been submitted to the Communication High Council.


The by-laws related to the Digital Satellite and Cable Broadcasting were issued and the studies related to the by-law on Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting were carried out by the related Departments.