The responsibility and duty of the Radio and Television Supreme Council with regard to the viewing and listening measurement is defined in Article 37 para (i) of the Law No. 6112 on the Establishment of the Radio and Television Enterprises and Their Media Services as “Determining the principles and procedures in relation to the measurement of viewing and listening shares of the media services and also determining the sanctions to be imposed on companies and organizations that are not in compliance with such principles and procedures”.

In terms of this paragraph, the “By-Law on the Principles and Procedures in Relation to Measurement and Supervision of Viewing and Listening Shares of Media Services” were prepared and entered into force after its publication at the Official Gazette dated October 17, 2012 and numbered 28444.

As it is understood from the name of the by-law, Supreme Council does not carry out viewing/listening measurement. However, the Council, by taking the applications of rating organisations and companies (organisational body), supervises whether the measurement is done in accordance with the principles and procedures defined in the above-mentioned by-law and determines the sanctions for the companies and organisations which are not in compliance with those principles and procedures.

Details of the Measurement Companies:

a.Organisational body/bodies that applied for the measurement of viewing shares

Name of the company       : TİAK A.Ş. (Television Viewing Research Corp)

Adrress                             :  Paşa Limanı Caddesi No:31

                                            Kılıç Yalısı Daire:2 Üsküdar- İstanbul

Phone                               : 0 216 201 11 70

Fax                                   : 0 216 201 11 74

E-mail                              : www.tiak.com.tr   www.tiak.tv

b.Organisational body/bodies that applied for the measurement of listening shares

Name of the company: URYAD A.Ş. (Association of National Radio Broadcasters)

Adrress                         :  Gayrettepe Mah. Yıldız Posta Cad.

                                        Ayyıldız Sitesi No:26 B Blok D:41

                                        Gayrettepe - İstanbul

Phone                            : 0 212 217 30 01 - 02

Fax                                 : 0 212 217 30 01

E-mail                            : www.uryad.org.tr