"World Radio Day" Message from President of Radio and Television Supreme Council Ebubekir ŞAHİN

On the occasion of  the "World Radio Day" on February 13th, I offer my greetings and gratitude to all our radio friends addressing the hearts of 933 different radio stations in Turkey.

The first radio broadcast in our country took place on May 6, 1927. Turkish people have not only seen the radio as just a jukebox in their 94-year journey, but also our people have known the radio as their own voice. Gathering everyone around the “agency clock” as the ancients used to say, the radio has kept us informed of the developments in our country and the world as well, and on the other hand became a friend who shared the joy, sorrow and longing of people from all walks of life.

Even if technological developments and innovations in the field of communication feel like they have distanced us from radio, the undescensable place of radio is always different.As Radio and Television Supreme Council , we pay special attention to the radio broadcasting in our country. We put our best effort to make their broadcasting easier and easier. Radio, which will never lose its importance, has actually become much easier to reach with the Internet. It wouldn't be wrong to say that everyone has a radio in their pockets now. The beautiful people of our country cannot stand without a radio on their short or long journey. Aware of this, with our latest regulation, we enabled 635 Media Service Providers to broadcast Internet Radio (Internet-RD) based on broadcasting license and broadcasting rights in other media without paying a license fee.

As I strongly belive our radios as it has been until today, it will continue its broadcasting in an impartial way with the awareness of our social values, which are bound by ethical principles.

With these thoughts, I congratulate our radio broadcasters World Radio Day on February 13th and wish them great success in their honorable duties.

Ebubekir ŞAHİN

President of Radio and Television Supreme Council

Issue date : 12 February 2021