We Strongly Condemn Israel’s Assault On Al-Aqsa Mosque

We condemn and curse the inhumane assaults on AL-AQSA MOSQUE carried out, as they have been, almost on the eve of the holy festival of Ramadan.

We are now publicly asking the international community and international media - “If these state-supported assaults in Jerusalem are not ‘terror’ then what are they?” 

What words can we find to describe the brutality that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people in full view of the world and which has pierced the souls not only of Muslims but of the whole of humanity?    

Turkey cannot remain silent in the face of terrorist acts that indiscriminately target/make martyrs of women, children, and the elderly. 

We expect Israeli soldiers to put an immediate end to their bombing assaults against our Palestinian brothers worshipping at AL-AQSA MOSQUE.

The President of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN has always seen the Palestinian issue as a clear red-line and we continue to support the initiatives launched by him to mobilise the international community prior to and in the aftermath of the latest assaults. 

The Turkish media are standing together to demand an end to the disgraceful events that are taking place at HAREM-İ ŞERİF, in full view of the world. We will continue to convey these facts fully to the national and the international fora until these cruel attacks come to an end.  

As the Radio and Television Supreme Council of the Republic of Turkey, we are starting initiatives with the significant audio-visual institutions and regulatory organisations such as BRAF, IBRAF, EPRA, EBU and MNRA, of which we are the member and/or the board member.

Starting from the media of the Islamic world, we will do our utmost to mobilise the global media.

Furthermore, we strongly condemn the Israeli forces’ brutal attacks on Anatolia Agency and the international press to prevent the reporting of the events at AL-AQSA MOSQUE in AL-QUDS (Jerusalem).