RTÜK President Şahin, "The Major Role In The Fight Against Islamophobia Belongs To The Media"

"Hostility to Islam has started to grow like cancer cells in the world, especially in the West, and therefore it has reached a crucial point to fight. The major role in the fight against Islamophobia belongs to the media," said Ebubekir Şahin.

The opening ceremony of the 1st International Media and Islamophobia Symposium, organized under the leadership of RTÜK with the cooperation of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Erciyes University, TRT and SETA, held with the honor of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş and ministers also attended the opening ceremony.

First International Media and Islamophobia Symposium kicked off with the first session in the morning. After the first session, the opening ceremony held with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and other ministers.

RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin, who made an opening speech on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Symposium, wished that the symposium would be beneficial and pointed out that Islamophobia started to grow like cancer cells in the world, especially in the West. He said that the media should be at the forefront of combating this negative perception.

Ebubekir Şahin stated that on the first day of the two-day symposium, the issues of media and Islamophobia will be discussed in detail in 4 different panels, and statesmen, academics and journalists will take part as panelists in the sessions. He also stated that on the second day of the Symposium, 113 scientific studies selected from among those sent as a result of the academic call will be presented.